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Learn more about Workforce Management
Invite your existing workforce into the Workmate platform, or hire additional staff directly from our integrated network of pre-vetted workers. View and manage your entire workforce in one centralized view.
Build and onboard your workforce
Learn more about Shift Scheduling
Create hundreds of schedules in a few clicks, with the option to auto-assign your pool of workers to specified shifts. The system instantly notifies workers and prompts them to confirm assigned shifts, giving you the heads up on future fulfillment rates.
Schedule and assign shifts
Learn more about Time and Attendance
When workers show up to their assigned shifts, your on-ground supervisors clock them in using the in-app QR attendance system. Accurate timesheets validated by your supervisors go straight into your HR dashboard for approval.
Track time & attendance
Learn more about Payroll Reports
Cut down days worth of timesheet reconciliation into a few seconds with our bulk timesheet approval system. Export automated payroll reports in 1 click. Workers get paid the right amount on time, everytime.
Approved timesheets go into payroll
Learn more about Workforce Analytics
Gain instant visibility on your workforce through real-time analytics dashboards that monitor key metrics related to workforce expenses, fulfillment and performance. Workmate equips you with the actionable insights needed to spot potential issues early on and know how to improve workforce productivity.
Monitor workforce performance in real-time
Learn more about our Worker Network
Need more hands on deck? Simply create a staff request on Workmate and get connected to over 50,000 pre-vetted workers in our integrated worker network. Workmate processes historical data about each worker to match you with the best workers according to your needs.
Fill workforce gaps directly on the platform
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